Mike Reed Games


I am a self-taught C# and Unity3D developer with a passion for writing robust back-end systems for games including multiplayer networking, inventories and crafting systems, voxel-based sandbox tools, and other gameplay systems.

My Independent Projects


A video game developed with the Unity3D engine and written in C#. It is a “create and share” style game which allows players to build 3D spaceships with online real-time collaboration and combat with friends. Currently available on Steam Early Access while in the alpha state and development continues. The design includes:

• Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) techniques
• Custom data structures and classes with inheritance
• Custom value types with serialization, casting and overloading
• Bitwise operations for fast calculations
• Multi-threading and asynchronous methods for time-consuming tasks
• GPU programming for shaders and effects

The technology used in this project includes C#, Unity3D, Visual Studio .Net, Blender, and a High-Level Shader Language variant. It also makes use of the Steamworks API and the Facepunch.Steamworks plugin for seamless connection to the Steam community.

November 2018 - Present

UFO: Alien Raider

A tilt-controlled game written in Objective-C and published on the App Store for iPhone and iPad with over four-thousand free copies downloaded. This project utilized the accelerometer and touch-screen hardware available in Apple devices to create a user experience that feels natural on that platform.

October 2011 - February 2012

Systems I've Designed

Online Multiplayer System

An Online Multiplayer system for synchronizing player data and user-generated content using .Net Serialization and Reflection APIs, allowing me to tag any variable for easy synchronization. The system then handles all network updates behind the scenes for each instance of the object.

Sparse Tree-based Data Storage

For managing large user-generated content such as voxel scenes and objects without expensive “empty space.”


An algorithm to generate meshes at run-time with fewer triangles, low memory cost, and increased speed.

Language and Technology Experience

• C# / .Net • Objective-C • Java • ActionScript • C++ •
• HTML5/CSS • Unity HLSL • OpenGL 2.0 • Visual Studio •
• Xcode • Blender • Photoshop •